..."information" is a contradictory and heterogeneous process.
-Jacques Derrida

New Media, the mediation of information through computers, provides opportunities for artists to directly apply systems modeling to aesthetic material in powerful and sophisticated ways. If composing is the structuring of relationships, (re)configuring information in stimulating ways, then the composer is not only the arbiter of what information is pleasing or important but the designer of critical, relevant pathways, both between the viewer and the work and in the interrelationship of content and concept.

Much of my work currently is rooted in speculation about observed systems of organization, whether biological (Aural Ecosystem), physical or geographical (The Past Is a Ghost), sociological (Appropriate Response), or cognitive (The Shape of Memory). This speculation provides a platform from which to question how the world works and conceive, if not an answer, at least a model for understanding. The goal is then to create a process (in many cases, a computer program) that effectively applies this model to a specific information set that will produce a rich aesthetic experience and also a chance to contemplate how some of the logic of the Information Age plays out.

The material I use is often culled from the Media or acquired through electronic recording mediums. There is already a robust history of media-based artwork and I consider myself part of that tradition. The contemporary perception of a "media ecology", of an organic hyper-reality that proceeds by its own self-regulating principles, is already at hand and our ability to examine, to evaluate that perception is cause for consideration. This overarching metaphor of Media and New Media artifacts organized by 'natural' designs is crucial to the cultural exploration, or critique, at the heart of my work.

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