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Center Island, Maranacook Lake, Readfield, Maine (2002-03) is part of a series of audio and video works which aestheticize field recordings of specific places. These field recordings (engineered by Zach Poff) were all done from the same stereo microphone positions over the span of several days. Each recording reflects a different time of day (sunrise, late morning, late afternoon, nighttime). These recordings are then subjected to a radical filtering process which creates sounds similar to a bowed string instrument. The resulting reductions are mixed back with the original field recordings, all retaining their original timelines. These layers build a shifting compound view of the audio events, actual and interpreted, of the island over a multi-day timespan.

It is interesting to note the anti-pastoral aesthetic revealed by (not built into) the compostion as the sounds of machines frequently take center stage.

Download the full Maranacook Lake mp3 here.