Self-Portrait (2006) was created for the ://selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem exhibition. It is a simple application of serial composition technique to New Media material. Designed to run continuously for days or weeks at a time, it produces subtle variations in the audio and video without exact repetition. It is a generative work that progresses uniquely in each installation. The video excerpt here is a sample from that process.

The nature of information culture and its operating principles imposes interesting guidelines through which we, its inhabitants, view the world and ourselves. The serial looping of information events (such as advertisements and news stories and media personalities), and the sustained distortion of real experience through the construction/imposition of virtual experience strike me as two primary prisms through which this viewing takes place. Applying these processes to my own image is the motivating force behind Self-Portrait. The continually varying formal elements are the by-product of this underlying procedure, evidence of a submerged activity.

It is interesting to consider, as Baudrillard might have it, that as the virtual world subsumes the real one, it becomes its own progressive, organic system: independent and self-regulating, with its own axioms and myths.

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