Variatsioonid (2004), created by MAP Intermedia, was an effort to construct a 'responsive' performance piece that uses a video feedback system to modify in realtime both the audio and lighting. The four sections are formulations of three different ideas, each using different audio material, choreographic information and video interpretation schemes to achieve the individual variations.

The topics for the sections grew from our observations of Estonia during our stay there as artists-in-residence at the Polli Talu Arts Center. We tried to reflect what we saw as the vivid contrast between the urban life of Tallinn, the capitol, and the very rural countryside of most of the rest of the country. We also very keenly felt the presence of the Baltic Sea in the history and personality of Estonia, as well as the incredible shadow cast by 1000 years of occupation, particularly the still palpable 'Soviet time' which only ended in 1991.


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